Five Things You Must Stop Doing to Achieve Success

matthew JarvisHere are five things every advisor does that hijack their success and prevent them from delivering massive value.

Have you ever given your kids advice only to pause because you realize you sound just like your parents – like your dad’s words just fell out of your mouth?

I’ve reached the point in my career where I’ve realized I sound just like my mentors. All those cliches I shrugged off early in my career are just rolling off my tongue, and for good reason: There’s a lot of truth to those adages.

When I was a fledgling advisor, I was easily distracted by all the new, shiny things sold as novel ways to solve my problems, and I was constantly pushing back against my mentors, who told me to ignore the distractions.

Seminar and direct-mail marketing, internet promotions, and fancy brochures all felt new and the perfect solution for my problems. My mentors recognized that these were all the same things wrapped up in different packages: just distractions that keep your dreams out of reach.