Return to the Office or Else!

andy martinWork from home benefits the employer and the employee. But society may be better off if we all show up in the office.

Here is the New York Times headline from June 20: Return to Office Enters the Desperation Phase. “Now, for the umpteenth time, businesses are ready to get serious,” its author, Emma Goldberg, wrote. This is despite what Salesforce, a leading voice in the get back here about-face, opined in a February 2021 memo: “The 9-to-5 workday is dead.”

Even before COVID, work from home (WFH) was growing. In a 2017 report from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, over 3% worked from home, and that was up four-fold from 1980.

The number more than doubled to 8% before 2020.

Lockdown supercharged everything. Remote tech jobs exploded by 420% from January 2020 through April 2022. According to WFH Research, 40.9% of workers are now hybrid or work from home.