Seminars and Workshops: A Failing Model

Ari GalperAdvisor Perspectives welcomes guest contributions. The views presented here do not necessarily represent those of Advisor Perspectives.

Seminars and workshops are a costly and exhausting way to acquire high-net-worth clients.

If you’ve noticed a drop-off in recent years of registrations, show ups, attendees agreeing to meet with you, then not turning up and those not committing to a paid client relationship... you’re not alone.

One reason the model is declining is because it contains a multi-step sales process.

If you look at the process as a series of links in a chain, there are at least six potential points where the chain can break.

Even if the prospect gets all the way to the final meeting, the sale can still fall over (and it often does).

There’s a lot of time, effort and money invested on your part without 100% confidence in a high conversion rate.

This multi-step approach to selling is a lot less effective than it used to be.