Gain HNW Clients from Afar

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Many advisors want to move upmarket and serve wealthier investors in a national niche but find traditional strategies don’t work.

If you're an advisor looking to serve high-net-worth (HNW) investors nationwide, you might need help to succeed.

My proven, three-step system gains these clients and grows your business.

Don't let geography hold you back from achieving success in a lucrative niche.

Try out these non-traditional strategies and see the results for yourself.

1. Position yourself as the expert from afar

I had a marketing mentor in the 1990s named Jay Abraham.

Jay was known for being the highest paid marketing consultant in the world, and he charged a few thousand dollars an hour – a lot of money at the time.

While many of his competitors traveled around the country for seminars at inexpensive or free venues, Jay understood the importance of positioning oneself as an expert from afar.