Fintech Platform LTX Launches Chatbot to Help US Bond Traders

US corporate bond investors are getting a new artificial intelligence-powered tool aimed at helping them more easily make electronic trades with increased transparency in the notoriously opaque market.

LTX, a subsidiary of Long Island-based Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc., launched BondGPT Tuesday, according to a statement. The company says the chatbot, powered by OpenAI Inc.’s GPT-4 language model, is an attempt to simplify workflows for traders who often navigate a complex market where liquidity is increasingly waning and prices for individual credits lack transparency.

“What continues to be hard for investors and traders is taking in the flood of bond market data and quickly acting on that data in a productive way,” Kevin McPartland, head of research for market structure and technology at financial services analytics firm Coalition Greenwich, said in a phone interview. “AI is starting to come in a very real way to financial markets.”

Recent advances in so-called generative artificial intelligence such as OpenAI’s GPT-4 have set off an intense competition among technology companies to develop AI-powered products for use across many industries, including finance. The corporate bond market, however, has lagged in modernizing its trading process, making it more cumbersome for portfolio managers to execute trades.

Any innovation to the bond market will “provide an edge” to traders and portfolio managers as generic AI tools continue to be injected with financial data sources to assist investors, McPartland said.