Four Guys and a Backhoe

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Four guys and a backhoe are outside my window digging up drains while I eat breakfast. (No, this will not turn into a joke). The guy inside the backhoe is doing most of the work, as he expertly maneuvers the bucket and detachable jackhammer. It’s easy to see that he is highly skilled and very experienced. The other three guys watch, kick a rock or two and nibble on snacks from their pockets. One guy moves the truck occasionally to catch the contents of the bucket.

Is it efficient and productive to have four people do a job that appears to take two?

Watch what’s going on around you. Productivity is a problem everywhere. Most advisors I speak to say that they never get enough done in their day. Some complain that important things like business development get repeatedly postponed. Many are frustrated with ongoing interruptions and overwhelmed with unproductive staff and too many tasks on their to-do lists (if they even have a to-do list). Their emails are overflowing, and the unfinished business follows them home in the evening.

What about you? Are you the highly skilled, experienced person (like the backhoe driver) who checks off every item on their to-do list. Or are you like the other three guys, suffering from a lack of productivity? Let’s see if I can help with a few productivity hacks that you can implement today.