Less Talk, More Action to Support Female Advisors

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Equita Financial Network is helping women build independent financial advisory firms efficiently with tangible, meaningful support.

The financial services industry isn’t known for being inclusive. Women face an uphill battle building a career in finance, and there’s no clear path that makes the hill easier to climb. In fact, many organizations designed to support women in finance focus on networking – sharing stories and support. While networking is important (women consistently identify difficulty networking as a barrier), action, empowerment, and tangible support matter more. Katie Burke and Bridget Grimes, co-founders of Equita Financial Network, an umbrella RIA designed to help women build independent firms, are on a mission to provide those more tangible and meaningful components.

Less talk, more action

It started with Katie Burke. She launched Method Financial Planning in 2015 and like many newly independent RIAs, realized the sheer volume of decisions and work — beyond the client-facing day-to-day — that it takes to run a firm. “I was a silo,” she said. “Picking things like a CRM or reporting software, or if I had planning questions – I was by myself. I had to make all the business-owner decisions with no support network or community around me.”