How to Use Google Reviews to Boost Visibility

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As the most popular search engine, Google is the place you need to show up if you want potential clients to find you online. And Google reviews – user-generated feedback with a star rating or comment regarding a business or service experience – make that happen. A business’s reviews are viewable in Google Maps or its Google Business Profile.

Many financial firms are still developing a game plan to appropriately promote reviews and testimonials in compliance with the SEC’s new rules that permit this type of marketing. However, leveraging Google reviews for search engine optimization (SEO) is an often-overlooked opportunity even though they’re an integral part of Google’s complex algorithm to provide users with relevant results. For example, local-targeted searches, which include reviews, have been increasing on the platform, with 97% of users including “near me” or specific location information in their requests.

Capitalize on Google reviews to increase your firm’s visibility online, build social proof, and gain more business.