Where’s the Beef in Your Prospect Marketing?

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Imagine you spend a year to record dozens of Podcast episodes and build a small following, yet you have precisely one small client to show for it.

Or you spend six months and $25,000 on a new website and SEO to show up on the first page of Google and only get a couple of calls from folks with no investible assets.

I see it all the time.

Grand plans are created and resources spent on social media or website traffic-generation efforts, with little thought given to conversion programs.

It reminds me of the famous Wendy’s commercial where actress Clara Peller inspects a burger with all the fixings and asks, “Where’s the beef?”

When you pick up the bun of your marketing, are you looking at only condiments and cheese?

Do prospects who connect with you on social or visit your website find meat in your marketing? Do they leave your website without opting-in to your communications and move on to do business with another advisor or financial firm?

Here are three prospect marketing strategies any advisor can leverage to add substance to your marketing.

You’ll attract better quality prospects, convert social media interest and website traffic to leads, and get more meetings and ROI from all your prospect marketing.