Three Ways Your Culture Will Attract and Keep Top Talent

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Prospective employees want more in their careers than just fair compensation. Certain benefits, leadership styles, job satisfaction, and other factors drive productivity, performance, employee satisfaction, and turnover. It all comes down to one thing: Whether calibrated or misaligned, culture is the ultimate differentiator.

Following the great resignation and “quiet quitting” phenomena, the culture conversation is more and more prevalent. Establishing and maintaining an authentic company culture must play a key role when building your big-picture strategy for growth. When candidates and employees have so many options to consider, company culture is the clincher.

As management consultant Peter Drucker famously said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

How do you serve up a culture that supports growth? I have three recommendations.

  1. Define and create an authentic culture

Company culture is more than a 401(k) match or virtual happy hours. It is ever-present and intrinsic to your firm. Only your firm can define what your culture means to you – and apply it to the people you hire, how you support one another professionally and personally, and what measures success.

Don’t have an accurate pulse on your culture? Engage your team. What better way to define values and standards and improve morale than to invite your employees to help establish them? Clarity comes with accountability and is crucial, especially since new hires can easily sniff out disorganization and mistrust. Here are three employee engagement strategies to get started: