Can Technology Make You Happy?

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Too often, the technology that claims to make our life easier turns into ongoing frustration. In a quest for the perfect tech stack, advisors choose software that is supposed to do-it-all, only to fail to deliver on that promise.

Do advisors need to accept that technology will forever be a drag, or can the right approach lead to personal happiness and a more productive practice?

Well-being or happiness is hard to quantify but relatively easy to detect. Happiness is enjoying life and getting the most out of it. That means eliminating as much stress as possible in your operations and connecting to your clients in a meaningful way.

The Kitces Research well-being survey, based on nearly 3,000 advisor responses, segmented advisors into two camps: the thriving and the struggling advisor. Struggling advisors represented the bottom 14% in terms of well-being; thriving advisors accounted for the top 14%.