Compliance Is Not the Enemy

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In the finance industry, the word “compliance” garners a negative connotation. Indeed, it conjures images of being paddled by a schoolteacher.

But while compliance has historically had a bad rap, there is so much to compliance – much of it positive – that I will unravel. Looking at it through the right lens provides a better understanding of why compliance is not a compilation of chaos but a simplified puzzle.

It’s a matter of the proper interpretation with the right frame of mind.

Compliance is a lesson in embracing change, adapting to ever-changing rules and regulations, and welcoming them while figuring out the best way to incorporate and translate them beneficially. The biggest challenge I face in financial compliance is the advancement of technology, where the rules that apply to our profession have not kept pace with today’s rapidly developing fintech. My firm has pivoted to the Microsoft Teams platform, simplified order processing, surveillance, and education – all thanks to the progress of technology.