The Four Pillars of the Ultimate Discovery Meeting

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Imagine pulling up your calendar for tomorrow morning.

You have a meeting scheduled with a prospective client.

Not just any prospective client.

This is the ideal client for your business.

The type of client who immediately goes to the top of your "A list."

The type of client you would clone 50 times if you could.

With that meeting in mind, answer these four questions on a scale from 1-10.

How confident are you that…

  • Your meeting will result in the prospect walking out of your office, sitting in their car and saying to their spouse, “That’s the single best conversation I’ve ever had around money?”
  • Your meeting will move the “trust dial” to a point that they trust you more than any advisor with whom they’ve ever met?
  • Your meeting will clarify their most deeply held values and closely held goals?
  • Your meeting will create an emotional connection beyond the numbers that turns a prospect into a life-long client?