How to Maintain and Grow Your Email Subscribers

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Your list of email subscribers is a valuable pool of existing clients, prospects, and centers of influence. Those individuals have demonstrated an interest in your business and services by allowing you to have a direct line of communication with them.

Growing your email subscriber list should be a high priority. Not only can it maintain strong relationships with your existing clients, but you can nurture new leads and promote your services through your list. And email marketing has the highest ROI of any other marketing channel: a whopping $36 for every dollar spent.

I’ll share strategies you can use to grow your list, manage it, and connect with subscribers effectively – broken down into four steps you can easily accomplish over a month.

Week 1 – Add your contacts to your email list

To execute a proper email marketing strategy, start with a well-managed and up-to-date email subscriber list. Here are a few tips to help you ensure that you are adding all your contacts to your email subscriber list:

Add your clients, prospects, and leads

If your email software allows it, group each type of subscriber into its own segment or with its own tag so that later you can email each type of subscriber individually.