A True Story of the Cost of Inaction

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Jennifer Goldman is a business transformation specialist, energizing business management and operations' changes to reduce work, avoid costly missteps, and invigorate your team and growth. She welcomes your questions. To submit yours, please email her here.

How many times have your clients or employees stalled and failed to take action? And then their stall had you managing the fallout?

Inaction is an action. A detrimental one. And it sounds like this….

We need more information.

The timing isn’t right.

I can’t put this in place right now. It’s probably going to take a couple of years to budget for it.

Now consider how many times you’ve delayed making a business decision you wish you hadn’t delayed. Maybe it was stalling to hire, fire, or putting off much needed office or system upgrades.

“Your problem isn’t ideas. Your problem is you don’t act on them. You kill them.”- Mel Robbins.