Helping Clients Avoid the Painful Cost of Identity Theft

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The style of a recent email I received from a client made me laugh – even though the subject matter wasn’t funny:

Hi Rick! We received a letter from Discover denying an application for their credit card due to our credit history. We did not apply for their card. I told my wife to throw it in the trash, but she is concerned this is attempted identity theft. Your thoughts? If you agree with me, she will rest easy. If you agree with her, I will hang my head and admit that she is right, AGAIN!

If I received a similar notification by email, I would simply ignore it as phishing. Usually, the sender wants you to open an attachment and fill in your sensitive data, which is when the damage is done.

In this case, it was a snail mail letter telling them their application was denied. I suggested they view their credit report and see if it showed a recent search by Discover Card. If so, they probably were victims of attempted identity theft.