Six Steps to Creating High-Quality Video on Your Phone

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It's hard to ignore the importance of video creation for financial advisors. U.S. adults watch 147 minutes of video per day. People want short-form videos more than any other content type, which makes creating a quality video essential.

Creating videos is daunting because people tend to think they need expensive equipment and a professional setup. That's not always the case, though. Over the last three years, I've successfully created over 107 videos using only my phone.

Here are my six best tips for creating high-quality video content using your smartphone.

1. Use the rear camera, not the selfie one

Everyone loves a good selfie, but when creating video content, there are better options. With the rear camera, you capture higher-quality video and establish the right framing and clarity.

Pro tip: Invest in a phone tripod. Using a tripod will stabilize the image and save you from shaky video.