Design Your Website to Appeal to Multiple Audiences

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Advisors strive to work with a specific type of client, and many target more than one type. For those who are targeting multiple types, it is a challenge to design a website that addresses the needs and questions of each.

With so much competition, it is crucial for financial advisors to design a web site that appeals to their ideal audience and creates a positive user experience to attract potential clients. There are several ways to do this, and the right option is dependent on the types of clients you want to attract.

Define your client types

Before you start to redesign your website, define the types of clients you plan to target. These are called website visitor profiles and can be defined by evaluating the following:

  • What are the events that are leading them to your website?
  • What key questions do they have about you and your services once they land on your web site?
  • What financial pain points are they facing, such as lack of knowledge or time?
  • What challenges do they wish to overcome by working with you?
  • How much knowledge do they have about you before visiting your website?

Defining your website visitor profiles ensures you are creating a relevant website, which will encourage more visitors to act since they understand what you offer and how you can help.

Since you know what your visitors are looking for, create a web site that shares content tailored specifically to each client type before guiding them toward acting.