The Good Fit Meeting

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The initial meeting in the financial planning sales process is about developing relationships, not presenting concepts or products. One of the biggest problems in converting prospects is how well you create trust.

According to the University of Connecticut, 89% of your clients do business with you based on trust first, products second. Why would you do anything during the first meeting except attempt to develop trust?

The “good fit” meeting is emerging in the financial planning space as an effective process to develop enough trust to make the prospect feel good about working with you. According to famed Los Angeles Psychiatrist Leonard Zunin in his book, Contact: The First 4 Minutes, 93% of our decisions to work with people happen in the first four minutes. Like the old adage, “There is no second chance for a first impression,” the initial meeting is where the prospect decides. Your best chance to make an impactful, favorable impression occurs in the first meeting.