The Best Books of 2022

It has been my tradition to informally rate the investment-related books I read in the past year. I have rated the other books I read during the year as well.

Here is my list of winners and losers.

Opinions about books are very personal, and these ratings reflect my tastes and opinions, which might be very different from yours.

Distinguished (8)

Good (21)

Red Roulette-Shum

Double Entry Gleeson-White


Money Map-Nicholas

Apollo’s Arrow-Christakis

Risk Parity-Shahidi

Impact Players-Wiseman

The Long Flight Home-Hlad

Warsaw Orphan-Rimmer

The Voltage Effect-List

Empire of Pain-Keefe

Strategic Risk Management-Harvey, Rattray, and Van Hemert

The Jews Should Keep Quiet-Medoff


The Price of Time-Chancellor

Defi and the Future of Finance-Harvey, Ramachandran &Santoro

Excellent (13)

Beyond Diversification-Page

Wicked Prey-Sandford

Don’t Trust Your Gut-Stephens-Davidowitz

Better Off Dead-Child & Child

The Digital Mindset-Leonardi&Neeley

Churchill’s Secret Messenger-Hlad


The Art of Statistics-Spiegelhalter

Homo Deus-Harari

Investing Amid Low Expected Returns-Ilmanen

The Money and Meaning Journey-Bernier

Can We Talk About Israel- Sokatch

The Hidden Man-Cumming

The Investigator-Sandford

The Uncertainty Solution-Jennings

How the World Really Works-Smil

A Breadth of Snow and Ashes-Gabaldon

Sharpe’s Assassin-Cornwell

The Cellist-Silva

The 8th Habit-Covey

City of the Dead-Kellerman

Sharpe’s Honor-Cornwell

Principles of Sustainable Finance-Schoenmaker&Schramade

Sharpe’s Regiment-Cornwell

With a Mind to Kill-Horowitz

Dark Hours-Connelly


Very Good (8)

Fair (9)

Robert E. Lee and Me-Seidule

The Hunt-Kellerman


What’s Wrong With Economics-Skidelsky

Money Magic-Kotlikoff

Responsible Investing-Sherwood&Pollard

The Jerusalem Assassin-Rosenberg

Damnation Spring-Davidson

A Terrible Glory-Donovan

The Dressmaker of Auschwitz-Adlington

Unknown Knowns-Siegel

Wild Problems-Roberts

How Champions Think-Rotella

The Intelligent REIT Investor Guide-Thomas

One Decade to Make Millions-Johnson



Poor (1)



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