Three Signals that a Prospect Feels “Pushed”

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I get the comment from non-sales and marketing types that they don’t like to be pushy. They don’t like to manipulate.

Yet only the worst advisors make clients feel pushed, pressed and closed.

The best advisors never push. They are so good at reading people they never sell at the wrong time. When they do push, they can read reactions, so they never go too far – just enough to implement the financial plan.

Xerox research has shown that an average financial advisory sale includes three rejections and/or objections. The surprising truth is that most salespeople will stop asking for business after the first objection. They also stop closing when they feel they are pushing, not when the prospect feels pressed.

I spoke at a conference and asked the audience how many consider themselves a pushy, hard closer. No hands went up. I then jokingly asked how many thought the person sitting next to them was a pushy, hard closer. Half the hands in the room laughingly went up. I asked, “Is it you don’t like to close hard or is it you don’t like people to feel hard closed?” The amazing truth is most advisors stop pushing long before the prospect feels pressed. Top advisors on the other hand read the prospect constantly and sell the way people want to buy, not the way the salesperson wants to sell.