The Evolution of Money Scripts

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The term “money scripts,” describing the unconscious beliefs that underlie our financial decisions and behavior, has been used by financial planners and therapists for over 15 years. Since the term was first published in my co-authored book, Conscious Finance, in 2005, my views on the formation and intent of money scripts have evolved. Recently, I have been speaking on this nuance in a presentation I call “Money Scripts 2.0.”

Here is a quick primer on money scripts:

  • Unconscious and unexamined beliefs about money
  • Formed early in life – overtly or covertly
  • The deepest are usually the result of trauma or drama
  • Formed by parts of ourselves, with good intentions to protect vulnerability
  • Contextual, partially true and partially false
  • Rigid and inflexible
  • Some are generational
  • Many are polarized or conflicting
  • Limit our financial choices and behaviors
  • Result in driving hurtful financial behaviors