Empowering Advisors with a Hybrid Approach

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There’s no shortage of technology solutions for financial advisors. But financial management remains fragmented and siloed by legacy architecture. While tech adoption proliferates due to the overwhelming availability of options, integrating it successfully is another story – it’s the biggest pain point for 57% of advisors, according to Investment News’ 2022 advisor technology study.

There is growing demand and competition in the financial advice space, along with the need for next-level customer interaction tools. A hybrid model that combines sophisticated digital capabilities with human expertise and advice is not just today’s reality but will be a key differentiator for winning customer relationships. It delivers a better consumer experience by prioritizing the best of both worlds – bringing choice, transparency, and flexibility to financial services.

Investors are evolving; so should the wealth management industry

This year brought at least one positive trend: the universal prioritization of personal finance, most notably investing. The total number of direct brokerage accounts ballooned by 40% according to McKinsey. And a horde of new investors with a median age of 35 – known as “generation investor,” or Gen I – is in the market. Investing has effectively become the new savings. High-net-worth individuals are combining the behaviors of two types of investors: they oversee some self-directed accounts and find value in working with an advisor in-person or remotely to manage their portfolio.