Create Scalable Content with Hub-and-Spoke Marketing

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For most advisors, marketing doesn’t come naturally. Writing blog posts, recording videos, networking – those things are uncomfortable, even if they’re necessary to grow your business. It doesn’t help that a lot of the research on how to add clients is based on relying heavily on content creation.

Even if you are confident in front of the camera, behind a microphone, or writing about technical financial topics, there are many roadblocks that can get in the way:

1. Not enough time;
2. Trying to cover too much ground in your content;
3. Writer’s block/creator’s block;
4. Imposter syndrome; and
5. Other, more pressing, responsibilities in your firm.

Consistency is key to a successful marketing strategy, so how are you supposed to stick with a plan when hundreds of other to-dos get in the way?

Say goodbye to over creation

When you first launched your RIA, there was all the time in the world for marketing. Even if writing a blog took you several hours, it didn’t matter, because it was critical to the success of your business. However, spending all your marketing energy on content creation can hurt your business development in the long run – especially as you grow and find yourself short on time and ideas.