When Couples Are Not Financial Equals

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References to inequality generally focus on how unevenly income and wealth are distributed throughout a population. The greater the gap between those at the top and the bottom, the more problematic it is to the social health of a country.

In a marriage or committed relationship, income and wealth inequality between partners also presents challenges that don’t exist where the partners are financial equals.

Money is rarely discussed in the early attraction stages of a dating relationship. This dynamic is seen on popular dating shows like Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” and ABC’s “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.”

However, one reality show, “Marrying Millions” on Hulu, specifically deals with income and wealth inequality. Given my interest in financial planning and financial therapy, I found the show intriguing. Most couples have been together for six months to eight years, so they are typically beyond the attraction stage of the relationship and starting to deal with the reality of the income and wealth inequality. It often shows the age discrepancy that is common with income and wealth inequality. This makes sense, as typically the older a person is, the more years they’ve had to accumulate wealth.