The Four Worst Marketing Tactics for Advisors

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According to an Investment News survey, the typical advisory firm spends less than 2% of its revenues on marketing.

And it makes sense: Many financial advisors are skeptical that marketing even “works,” and they don’t have much free cash flow to spend on marketing. Instead, most advisors focus on “networking” and other referral-based activities.

But those time-consuming networking events to acquire clients are often more costly than having a dedicated marketing budget.

Let’s say a financial advisor bills $150 per hour for their time. To acquire clients, they spend:

  • $500 in attendance fees for networking events;
  • 2 hours going to networking meetings;
  • 8 hours of follow-up lunch meetings to get referrals;
  • 4 hours meeting with potential prospects who are referred; and
  • 22 hours in preparation work.
  • That’s 36 hours x $150/hour = $5,400 + $500 = $5,900.