One Bitcoin Equals One Bitcoin Becomes the Narrative as the Drop Gets ‘Too Painful’

Virtual money, digital gold, inflation hedge, uncorrelated asset, store of value: those are phrases once used by Bitcoin’s fans to describe the cryptocurrency’s virtues. Its new narrative? A Bitcoin is a Bitcoin.

That’s the expression that’s making its rounds on Twitter in recent days, where users, amid a deep decline in prices, have been posting that 1 BTC = 1 BTC. The idea is that it doesn’t really matter what the coin’s price is. Its supply is fixed and that should, theoretically, act as a buoy for prices in the long run.

“1 BTC = 1 BTC is something Bitcoin maximalists say tongue-in-cheek when looking at the USD price of BTC becomes too painful,” said Joshua Lim, former head of derivatives at Genesis Trading. “The implication is that BTC will eventually become a unit of account so just focus on the absolute number of BTC you own today.”