Find Your Keystone to Unlock Profits and Scale

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I come from Pennsylvania, which is the Keystone State.

A keystone is a stone (shaped like a slice of pie) at the top of an arch that locks the other pieces in place. The adjacent stones depend on it for support. Remove that stone, and the arch or doorway collapses.

Pennsylvania’s central location along the arch of the 13 original colonies resembles a keystone.

How can you leverage the keystone concept to unlock the practice of your dreams?

Your keystone to profits and practice scalability

What is the keystone of your practice, and what holds your practice together?

It is the ideal clients you attract, serve and design your practice around.

I know you have heard about ideal clients. You understand the 80/20 principle – roughly 80% of profits come from the top 20% of clients.

When it comes to marketing campaigns, success starts with your target market.

When you think target market, it could be your next ideal client, a representative client you want to multiply, an individual you like working with or spending time with, or a composite of the characteristics you are looking for in your next client. There may be critical demographics of your target market or client niche you want to expand.