The Coming Revolution in Client Onboarding

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In today’s hyper-connected society where consumers have unlimited information at their fingertips, client expectations have skyrocketed. While I was listening to a recent CRM Unlocked podcast featuring Edward Jones’ head of client experience, Ilan Davidovici, I was struck by a point he made that echoed this sentiment from a financial advisor’s perspective when dealing with clients:

They expect that we know who they are, that we can help guide them in their process, which assumes that we know where they are in their process – either before an investing relationship, in the middle of one or deeply connected, or perhaps partnering with external partners around estate planning or life insurance or mortgages or any other of the associated benefits of a financial advice firm – and that we can help guide them along that. And that’s easier said than done.

Every time we hold a smartphone, scroll through feeds, or strike a few keys and get something delivered in mere days, our belief that everything in life should be that way is reinforced.