How to Respond to Frustrated and Angry Clients

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You’re driving down a road. Suddenly, you come upon an obstacle blocking your way. Plowing through it isn’t an option unless you're in a Hummer. Neither is tunneling beneath it. That leaves two options: Go around the blockage and resume your trip, or head back home.

We encounter plenty of obstacles as financial planners. And the biggest of all are the barriers thrown up by our clients.

Ironic, isn’t it? Yet, if you work in our profession long enough, you’ll encounter resistance from someone you’re trying so hard to serve effectively.

What should you do when a client digs in their heels and creates a roadblock?

It’s essential to understand that something is causing them to react that way. Many factors can lie behind a negative response. For instance, a specific investment underperformed. Or maybe the financial plan you created didn’t quite hit the mark. Whatever the reason, some disappointment has made them unhappy. And now they’re suddenly pushing back on your advice, or maybe ready to scrap their plan and start from scratch.

When this happens, stop and take a deep breath. It’s ok to pause and reflect before pushing ahead. It’s always best to gather your thoughts and prepare a plan of action rather than simply reacting.