Six Signs Your Client is Going to a New Advisor

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Clients can more efficiently than ever investigate the thousands of advisors vying for their business thanks to the Internet. Clients can easily switch advisors if they feel things are not working well.

Financial advisors are fired frequently. Even if it hurts when it happens to you, knowing the reasons why will help you thrive in the future.

You won’t always be fired as an advisor because your client lost money in the market. A strong and enduring rapport with your clients depends on important social and relational aspects, and effective client communication is the most critical aspect in this regard.

The six signs that your client might fire you are as follows:

1. A gap in communications between you and your client

Lack of communication is why clients leave, and they tend to mention it during exit interviews. You can prevent this by getting in contact with your clients regularly. If you use a CRM system, then that can immensely help in this regard.