Student Loan Borrowers Aren’t Waiting for Biden’s Promised Relief

Anxious Americans with student loans are tired of waiting for action from President Joe Biden and taking matters into their own hands.

With about a month until payments are scheduled to resume, there’s still no word from the federal government about student debt forgiveness or another postponement. Borrowers already struggling with soaring inflation are searching for other ways to reduce their payments, skeptical that Biden will come to their aid.

A movement from the group Debt Collective called Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay is gaining traction. The group isn’t advocating for those with loans to blow them off. Instead, they’re trying to educate the public on established ways to lessen their monthly bill.

“We don't want people to take a course of action that winds up harming themselves or their families,” said Thomas Gokey, an organizer with the group. Instead, they’re focused on buying borrowers time while they pressure the government for broader debt forgiveness.