10 Insights to Master the Human Side of Advice

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Every person who works with people and their money has experienced “the moment.”

The moment when you think to yourself, “I feel more like a therapist than a financial advisor.”

Here’s the other version: “I would be better off with a degree in psychology than a degree in finance.”

It’s when you realize it’s about more than constructing plans and portfolios. It requires deconstructing thoughts, feelings, emotions, and values.

You realize it’s not just about accumulating more money. It’s about aligning money with what’s most important in your clients’ lives.

You realize it’s not just about telling someone what to do. It’s about getting them to actually do it.

You realize that your client’s success and your own success has more to do with what goes on in their mind than the amount of knowledge stored up in your own.

“The moment” shows up in a variety of ways.