FINRA’s Perversion of the Word “Advisor”

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FINRA interprets “financial advisor” as being usable (on business cards and elsewhere) by any financial professional who holds an RIA affiliation, whether or not the relationship with the client is in fact an advisory one.

This is illogical for the reasons that follow.

In mathematical logic, the Law of Syllogism says that if the following two statements are true:

  1. If pp, then qq.
  2. If qq, then rr.

We can derive a third true statement:

  1. If pp, then rr .


If the following statements are true, use the Law of Syllogism to derive a new true statement.

  1. If it snows today, then I will wear my gloves.
  2. If I wear my gloves, my fingers will get itchy.

Let pp be the statement "it snows today"; let qq be the statement "I wear my gloves"; and let rr be the statement "my fingers get itchy."