Why Surge Meetings Work for You and Your Clients

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My calendar is loaded to exhaustion. It’s just meetings, meetings, and more meetings, one right after another. Some days it’s a challenge to find the time to breathe.

Being a successful financial advisor means spending time talking with the people whose wealth you manage. That means meetings, and they create a traffic jam that snarls your daily routine.

The clients who entrust you to manage their wealth expect you to do so thoughtfully. And a thoughtful approach is the result of thinking. You’re trapped in a merry-go-round of meetings, not thinking. You’re denying your clients an essential component they expect from you.

But there’s good news. Surge meetings, originally pioneered by Stephanie Bogan, will solve your problem by maintaining important ongoing contact with your clients while better managing your time.

It’s a matter of looking at the problem from a different perspective. Let’s say you meet with two to five clients per week all year long. With the meeting surge approach, you bunch those meetings together and hold three to six client meetings daily every few months. That way, you are clustering those meetings together and holding them in bunches, thus freeing up big chunks of time in your busy calendar.