Dr. Cole Cash and the Next Generation

The following is excerpted from Chapter One of Dr. Cole Cash Will See You Now by Matt Reiner, available from the Amazon link on this page.

My name is Cole Cash, and I have a BA, and MA, and a PhD, which means that I have more degrees than a rectal thermometer. I’m a headshrinker, all right, and I specialize in shrinking the heads of financial advisors. You might say that it’s kind of a strange specialty for a dude with as much training as I have. I would say that for me, it’s a perfect specialty. These ol’ boys and girls know plenty about investing, but when it comes to the psychology of their clients and their team members, they aren’t exactly Albert or Alberta Einstein. I don’t mean any disrespect. The advisors I work with are uniformly smart, hardworking, dedicated, and sincere. They want to help their clients have great financial lives, enjoy their retirement, and have money socked away for their children and grandchildren. But the one speed bump they keep tripping over is that, well, people are funny about their money.

And that’s where I come in.