The Next Generation of Video Marketing

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Financial marketers have known for years how much of a game changer video would be for financial professionals. But video has long been a compliance concern and a regulatory headache for a profession still getting comfortable with digital marketing.

Then the pandemic happened, and everything changed, including a shift in video and virtual usage.

Advisors were forced to adapt to new forms of client communication. Gone was the two-hour drive to a person's home or workplace. And with the rise of the robo-advisor, advisors had no choice but to trust in virtual meeting technology to hold open talks, policy reviews, and quick check-ins. Two years from the start of the pandemic, many financial professionals have gone from awkwardly holding virtual meetings to preferring them as their main form of outreach. Regardless of age or experience, an entire generation of video-savvy advisors have disrupted a profession grounded in inertia.

Alas, what a golden marketing opportunity! Here’s how financial marketers can repurpose virtual meetings and video content: