Summer Savvy Ways to Stay Visible

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I can smell the beach, sunscreen and hot dogs. People are traveling and gathering around the country.

But on a recent coaching call, I noticed that a client had convinced himself that during the summer his clients and COIs did not want to hear from him. He said, “Why would a client want to spend time with me when they could spend time with their friends and family.”

He was willing to put business development on hold and be invisible to the people he wants to refer him for three or four months.

Can you see what’s wrong with this picture? My lost revenue alarm was going off. We had some work to do.

If any of you reading this feel the same way, let me remind you that you are in the relationship business. Good relationships don’t disappear for three to four months and remain good relationships. Good relationships stay in touch and often lead to friendships. Many of my clients tell me that their clients become friends, and some go so far as to think of them like family. I’ve even heard the same comments regarding COIs. One client told me about a COI who asked him to be the executor for her will. That can only happen when two people develop a deep level of trust through spending time together.