How I Protect Against the Coming Market Crash

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Interest rates are going up, so bond and stock prices are going down. You can ride it out, but it will be an awfully long rough ride. I recommend moving out of stocks and bonds and holding other assets or hedging your equity and fixed-income holdings.

Dr. Wade Pfau, professor of retirement income, has called bonds "useless” and equities “risky.” What should you own at this perilous time of increasing interest rates and collapsing stock prices?

I discuss two choices: (1) voiding your portfolio of stocks and bonds, and (2) hedging your stocks and bonds.

Portfolios that don’t hold stocks and bonds

If you’re not going to hold stocks and bonds, there’s a long list of investments you could own. The following should protect against inflation: real estate, precious metals, commodities, natural resources, agriculture and, yes, even cryptocurrencies.

Some mix of these assets could make up your risky portfolio instead of stocks.