How to Tell if a Fund is All it Claims to Be

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The following is an excerpt from Hello Harold, a book by Harold Evensky - click here for a free Kindle version!

One of the hats I wear is as a professor of practice in the personal financial planning department at Texas Tech University, where I teach the graduate wealth management class. Join me in class as I about lecture mutual funds.

There are thousands of mutual funds that offer to select stocks and bonds for your portfolio. But which ones are right for you?

Wealth Management Class: Good morning, Professor Evensky,”

HE: Good morning, class. Are you ready to talk about the exciting topic of mutual fund selection?

[Enthusiastic cheers from the students sitting in the front row. The students sitting in the back look up from their smart phones.]

Can anybody tell me what the assignment was?

Michael: The assignment was to evaluate a particular mutual fund that’s being promoted as the only stock fund you need for your portfolio.