Rock the Event Invite for 300% More Attendees

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Advisors face an uphill battle to get attendance to their events.

The proliferation of virtual meetings and webinars due to the pandemic, the return of in-person seminars, and the growing popularity of hybrid events mean more events are competing for the attention of prospects, clients, and influencers.

Advisors compete for mindshare with clients and prospects. The average American sees more than 3,000 ads a day.

A targeted event marketing plan will increase registrations, but many advisors think any old event invitation will do the job.

Not true.

Did you know that one invitation headline can out-pull another by 38% or more? Or that a simple change in three sentences buried in the middle of your invitation will lift response by 15%?

Changing an event invitation boosted registrations by 300% for an independent financial advisor – a client of mine – who tested one invitation against another to the same audience.