10 Advisor Website Must-Haves

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As an independent financial advisor, your website is the online headquarters of your firm and your most powerful digital marketing tool. An effective website attracts new potential prospects, converts them into leads, and can be one of your best sources for gaining new clients – but only if it includes the right elements.

Many times, business owners hire a designer or developer skilled at making websites but unfamiliar with how to create one that functions as a business asset. Even the most critical components are overlooked.

Let’s look at 10 must-haves for financial advisor websites. While there are certainly additional technical factors that you’ll need to have in place, we’ll concentrate on what your prospects and clients see – the essentials for marketing and business growth.

  1. Make your contact information easy to find

This is obvious, but it is first because you would be surprised by how many firms fail to do this. Nobody should have to hunt for how to get in touch with you or guess the best method to reach you.

People need convenient ways to contact you and know where to find you. Include your email address, physical or mailing address, and a local phone number in the footer of your website and on your contact page. This not only sends the message that you’re accessible, approachable, and open for business but also helps with search engine optimization (SEO).