Why You Should Incorporate Video into Your Marketing Strategy

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During my 10 years at Symmetry Partners, LLC, I’ve watched the growth of online video. In response, financial advisors have created new and innovative ways to make video content a useful part of their marketing strategies.

I will present several studies that explain the broad increase in online video usage, along with “how-to” instructions.

As my firm’s video producer and editor, I’ve long been familiar with the hesitation some advisors have around video. They’ve been puzzled by how and where to host content. They’ve even been overwhelmed by the technical aspects of recording video.

But over the last few years, I’ve seen a general increase in requests from advisors for custom video content. Failing to develop a substantial online presence will be costly. These trends have prompted advisors to set aside their doubts and create videos for professional use – in the hopes of connecting with potential clients.

Video is one of the predominant ways to communicate online. According to a study conducted by Wistia, a prominent video hosting service, over 42 million videos were uploaded to the platform from 2019-2021. And two-thirds of its customers planned to create video content on either a monthly or weekly basis. If nothing else, this indicates a steady escalation of video use. The use of online video has transitioned from a “nice component” of a strategy to an essential piece of the marketing mix.