Five Ways to Create Urgency and Win Planning Business

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Most prospective clients are happy on their own and don’t understand the importance of a financial plan.

The 2021 Planning and Progress Harris poll showed that only 27% of Americans believe a financial plan is a key strategy for dealing with volatile markets and financial uncertainty.

Your role as an advisor is to explain the importance of creating that plan and illustrating the hazards of not having one.

Showing prospective clients the dangers of going it alone will persuade them to meet with you to craft a plan. Americans aren’t prepared for retirement and the pandemic has made matters even worse.

One out of every three Americans planning to retire is delaying it because of the pandemic, according to analysis from Age Wave and Edward Jones.

Showing individuals why it’s so important to meet with an advisor to help plan for life’s unexpected events turns prospects into clients.

My experience in marketing for advisors shows that you can increase your flow of new, qualified planning prospects by 30% to 300% with the strategies below.

Here are five ways to win new business and clients for life by creating urgency, so your prospects want to create a financial plan now with you.