Stop Acting Like You Can Do Everything

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Hire before you need help. You’ll win no awards for all the extra work you’re doing.

You are the CEO of your own company. CEOs can’t be all the things.

An issue I frequently encounter with my entrepreneurial clients is that they are conditioned to do everything. You might be wearing all the hats in your firm: operations, compliance, marketing and client services. You’re spending too much time on $25 tasks that are preventing you from focusing your energy on $250 and $2,500 tasks. You’re extremely busy and can’t get everything done. Even your higher revenue-generating tasks are not getting done on time!

To move your firm forward, hire talent. Some advisors may disagree and think they can handle it all. Working in and on your advisory firm takes effort and a focus on what’s most important. Advisors who are too slow to hire experience what I call "work creep."