COVID’s Long-term Impact on Your Financial Health

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Two years ago, writing at the outset of the pandemic, I cited a March 2020 New York Times column by David Brooks, "Pandemics Kill Compassion, Too." He warned that, historically, pandemics, unlike other disasters that bring communities and nations together, fracture relationships and social structures.

His warning was justified. The various pandemics he described (going back to 1348) divided communities, were more harmful to the poor than the affluent, and overwhelmed healthcare workers, just as COVID-19 has done in the 21st century. It divided us to the extent that the country couldn’t even agree on the severity of the pandemic.

Now, the focus is shifting from "living through COVD" as a pandemic requiring an emergency response to "living with COVID" as an ongoing health concern to be managed with vaccinations and other strategies. Professionals in fields ranging from medicine to sociology to economics will be assessing its longer-term impact.