Marketing for Female Solo Practitioners

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You could be the most thorough, competent financial advisor of all time, but if nobody knows, what difference does it make? To succeed in the financial advisory profession, advisors must get comfortable with marketing themselves and their services.

Now, as a financial advisor, you might be thinking, my specialties lie in numbers and investments, not website development and slogan copywriting. However, just like you create carefully thought-out strategies to help your clients achieve their financial goals, a marketing plan is a strategy to help you achieve business goals.

While putting together a marketing plan is more complex than reading an article, here are three important pieces of advice to get female solo practitioners started.

Choose your niche

Who is your ideal client? As the saying goes, you can't be everything to everybody, so determine who you would ideally like to work with and focus in on that audience. To determine potential niches for you to focus on, consider your passions. If you're especially interested in law, seek to help female lawyers. If you've always cherished the time you spend volunteering for the Special Olympics, maybe it's parents of children with special needs. Regardless of the niche you choose, homing in on a demographic narrows the competition and helps your firm stand out.