Help Clients Earn the Finest Luxury of All

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When someone mentions wealth, your mind goes to luxury brands like Mercedes Benz or Rolex. Perhaps your mind’s eye wanders to exotic vacations in Europe or Hawaii. Maybe you fantasize a Learjet jaunt to visit a distant friend.

Those are all good and worthy of mention. But none of them matches choice – more options – as the finest luxury of all. When an advisor helps a client, the door to better options and choices opens wide. It is not so much that they will buy a Mercedes Benz, but they can if they want! Or a Cadillac, BMW, or Porsche for that matter.

Lack of choice is the opposite extreme

I note the vehicles around me as I drive to work each day. There are nice cars, but the ones that make me smile are the junkers. I am not laughing at them; I’m smiling in recollection of earlier days on my own journey. Junk cars were not ever my goal, but they were the reality in the days before choice.

In fact, the highways offer some great financial lessons. Almost everyone needs a car. Car choices are endless – but they are limited for everyone. On the socioeconomic ladder, choices expand with each rung to the top. Those junkers? Mostly driven by people with little money, poor jobs, and bad credit. Their options are mostly limited to cash or “no credit check” dealers charging ridiculous prices.

As we step up a rung, more choices open. We might buy a good used car or an inexpensive new one. Now the car dealer will help with financing and so will your banker. We will be able to choose from a larger palette of automobiles, and compare interest rates and payment terms (three-year, four-year, or longer). Don’t like the price or terms from one dealer? Cross the street to find another.