The Next Frontier: Text Messaging for Advisors

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When it comes to marketing for business growth, advisors want the same thing: the silver bullet.

They ask, “What’s working right now? Should I be making videos? Start a podcast? Run webinars?”

“What is it???”

They don’t like my answer because it’s, “Yes, yes, yes, and…(insert list of other digital advisor marketing best practices here).”

You’ll never catch me claiming there’s a silver bullet in marketing, but if there ever were a strategy to come close, it’s texting.

Before you click away from this screen, hear me out. I know what you’re thinking: (1) This can’t be allowed (compliance); (2) there is no way my prospects want to be text messaged (not so fast, marketing skeptic); and (3) “What would I even say?”

But texting is the new frontier in advisor marketing. In fact, it’s such a lucrative channel for attracting, converting, and retaining clients that 80% of financial firms are currently using or plan to use text messaging with clients and employees.

When done right, texting with a prospect can improve conversion by 40% (over prosects who aren’t sent text messages). Not to mention the benefits it can have with both client and employee retention.