Why Is Your Social Media Failing?

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The short answer: You are boring.

It sounds harsh, but the number one problem I see when auditing social media accounts for advisors is that people are boring. The content they post is boring. The comments they leave (if they leave any at all) are boring. They have no opinion and show no personality.

As of October 2021, Facebook has 2.89 billion monthly active users. YouTube has 2.29 billion. Instagram has 1.39, LinkedIn has over 600 million and Twitter has over 400 million.

Competing for attention in a sea of posts, articles and videos can feel daunting for any business owner – especially when you aren’t seeing any results.

Before you write one more social post, take some time to study what gets engagement on social media. What receives the most comments, likes and reshares? What gets people talking and starts conversations? You can study your feeds, or you can read on – I’ve done the heavy lifting for you.